About US



   Anthony V. Johnson CEO and founder of the company Gate2-15. “Enter Gate 2-15 for flight destination to Fly and Luxurious Styles.” “Come to The Gate to get Fly,” that is our model and commitment. A Clothing boutique with unique and exclusive brands, in the historic Society hill section of Philadelphia located on the legendary South St. A brief history of Owner and operator Anthony Johnson’s background He has been in fashion business for over twenty years. A design student formally men's and women’s shoe department manager for Nordstrom, Macys, Lord and Taylor including Luxury brands like Ghurka. Aside from retail work he has done work as a stylist as well as designer. Philadelphia born and raised in a multicultural environment. His background gives an extensive eye for detail and ability to spot trends as well as knowledge of the classics. In today’s trends, the eye for detail has been lost to big corporations not in touch with their core audience neglecting style in the form of genre and mistaking the same old blend of color and silhouette as classic. Anthony brings an individualized touch to the eyes of the customer. Philadelphia, a city known for its arts and culture, has been starved of a place to shop that provides a way to express oneself in an artistic and trendy way. Having few to none, the window for a retail store which feeds this hunger is nonexistent. Gate 2-15 makes this a reality. A place to service the need for a unique look and feel, not only sourcing brands the customer will love but also an experience providing an atmosphere of confidence.